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Dél-Zempléni Vadásztársaság

South-Zemplén Landowner Hunting Commonwealth



The South-Zemplén LHC welcomes its kind hunter-guests this year too.



The South-Zemplén LHC engaged in the business of hunting is located in the north of Hungary, in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén country. The area of managed by them covers 5000 hectares. The configurations of the terrain conditions of the areas broken by mountains and valleys also shows a very varied picture.


We offer hunting form high seat or stalking, driven boar hunt or bow hunting for roe deer, red deer, mouflon and wild boar.



It would be a great pleasure for us to welcome you among our guests and we wish you a pleasant stay in Hungary.

By applications please inform us about your detailed hunting demands

(participants number, planned time, number of games, weight of the trophy etc.)

On request we send you our offer and after the confirmation we will and you and contact together with the documents necessary for the travel.



Prices: include the VAT

Customs: There is no custom within the EU

Prices are subject to change!



H-3900 Szerencs, Rákóczi út 67.

Telephone: +36-30/440-9233









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